Kabiny Impossible Faults

Kabiny Impossible Faults

Title:Good THERMOSTAT And HEATER = Efficient Cab Heating In Winter Read The Description Under The Film!
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Date:01 December 2018
Duration:9:8 Min
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Check with yourself in the car, or everything works well, possibly exclude the problem that in the winter the heating worked perfect;). The most important thing is that the thermostat and heater should be functional, and these elements should be replaced. The fluid should also be replaced when replacing any of these components.

THERMOSTAT is responsible for maintaining the engine's operating temperature by switching the large coolant circuit on or off the radiator.
If it is broken, it is for example open all the time or it opens too quickly and it is difficult to maintain the engine operating temperature while driving, because the air rush cools the engine through the cold air falling on the radiator, where the cooling liquid flows non-stop.
If the thermostat closes when necessary, the cooler does not pass through the radiator, it only stands in the radiator and is directed back to the engine, which heats up quickly.

HEATER is responsible for the efficient exchange of cold air from the outside to warm inwards. If the heater is old, the quality of heating the car's cabin is poor, eg at the engine's operating temperature of approx. 90 ° C, when we turn on the heating to the maximum temperature and maximum airflow, and cold air flies, that means the heater is to be replaced. It can also be aerated, but during normal car use it is dense impossible.
A blocked heater will give warm heating only when you are driving or when you increase the speed at a standstill.

1. It is worth checking if the expansion tank cap is working to maintain the proper pressure in the engine cooling system.
2. The system is to flow to the radiator, not water.
3. The new thermostat after 2 years can be broken again, that's the way it is, regardless of the brand.
4. Some drivers of their cars intentionally using a computer reduce the speed per minute, because they reduce the fuel consumption of the engine, which also affects the limited heat production by the engine. The engine speed should be restored in the engine control unit or slightly raised, so that during heating or waiting for green light heating is more efficient in winter.
5. Some engines, especially diesel, heat up for a long time even when they leave straight from the factory. Often, these types of cars are equipped with additional electric heating to maintain the temperature. Perform the heating test when you reach the engine operating temperature, eg drive around 5-15 km and the engine operating temperature of approx. 90 ° C should be reached.
6. According to the cardboard, the grill plugs are effective because it limits the cooling of the engine by the momentum of cold air, but also limits the cooling of the engine through the air momentum during the ride, so we can overheat the engine, and this can cause considerable costs. I suggest using such methods only and exclusively when the car manufacturer allows it, eg by selling such accessories in your store to a given car by VIN.
7. If it used to be better with heating, and now it is worse, something is broken or stuck on 100% or something modified in the car, eg reduced idle speed of the engine to reduce fuel consumption.
8. Some cars do not have a fluid temperature indicator, you need to use an external computer.

How does heating work for you? give the car and engine model.
Run the test, warm up the engine to a working temperature of 90 ° C. Run maximum heating and blowing power. Watch for a minute or two at a standstill (Do not add gas!), Or hot air coming out of the grilles.
If so, you have everything in working order, you have efficient heating.
If not:
1. if the engine temperature drops by 10 ° C, the thermostat is probably replaced with a new one (you have to clean the thermostat socket so that there are no deposits, dirt, boiler scale, before inserting a new one).
2. if the engine temperature is close to 90 ° C, it means that the heater is clogged or the boiler scale has settled on the internal walls of the heater for years, the sludge and heat are not transferred efficiently outside the heater, because less hot fluid flows through the heaters. Replace the heater with a new one and the heating capacity will increase immediately.

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